Our technology – reliable, scalable, secure

CME Regulatory Reporting expertise is underpinned by the world class technology solution trusted by banks, brokerage houses and asset managers.


  • Minimum 99.95% system uptime
  • Proven system resilience and redundancy
  • Remote access to all service operations


  • Unconstrained handling of extensive data volumes


  • Encrypted ‘cloud’ connectivity managed in-house; no third party involved
  • In-house data storage
  • Unfettered client access to data

Highly customisable solutions

Processing varied transaction data formats from a client’s system, we apply our proven business logic to satisfy individual requirements.

Data receipt

  • Any type of raw data: fixed/delimited text, MS Open XML, CSV, XML
  • SFTP batch transfer/interactive file upload via web GUI
  • 2,000 records per second (single source)/20,000 records (aggregate)

Data enrichment

  • By pre-defined business logic (common to all data)
  • Enhanced e.g. reference data (from client, third party, Abide Financial)

Data integrity

  • File and batch-level validation
  • Full ZEN validation including TRUP 3
  • Generic and regime specific validation