CME Regulatory Reporting Hub

Controlled from a single, secure and intuitive user interface, clients are able to submit their transactional data, into the CME Regulatory Reporting Hub in multiple formats and from multiple sources, for data normalisation, enrichment, determination, reconciliation and validation. It is then delivered to the relevant regulatory end point. The Hub and the accompanying user interface has been designed to offer full transparency of the transaction lifecycle process along with powerful insights into underlying reporting timeliness and data quality.

Our cloud based Hub technology enables seamless processing of high data volumes, flexible cross-regime and cross-asset class reporting, making it the ultimate end to end reporting solution for banks, brokerage houses, hedge funds and asset managers.

CME Regulatory Reporting Client Portal

Our  portal enables clients to analyse reportable data as well as create their own targets for reporting accuracy against the industry average, by viewing anonymised analytics of their peers.