Fully managed MiFID II / MiFIR onboarding programme

A critical first consideration for investment firms is whether there are sufficient internal resources available to evaluate the new reporting requirements. Secondly, it is important to determine how internal systems and processes might be adapted to deploy a compliant and efficient MiFID II solution (within a multi-regime reporting framework). For many firms, the most effective route to MiFID compliance will be through partnership with a specialist service provider like CME Regulatory Reporting.

Guided approach to MiFID II compliance

The CME Regulatory Reporting onboarding programme provides investment firms with a guided approach and fully managed solution for MiFID/MiFIR reporting. Driven by client demand, and building on extensive EMIR and MiFID I client on-boarding experience, the programme provides reporting parties with:

  • Full compliance with MiFID II/MiFIR obligations at go-live
  • Solid foundation for managing MiFID II (and other) reporting regime developments post go-live
  • Guidance for managing operational, compliance and technology risk across multiple reporting regimes
  • Optimised operational resources and compliance costs for transaction reporting

The programme encompasses in-depth data gap analysis, a pilot reporting profile and early stage data validations through to file submission to the beta reporting test system. Clients benefit from the highest levels of specialist expertise, customised advice and assurance of being in the top tier of fully compliant MiFID II reporting firms.

Full compliance

CME Regulatory Reporting – strategic compliance partner for multi-regime reporting

CME Regulatory Reporting acts as a single regulatory reporting service provider for clients with transaction reporting needs across all European regulatory regimes, as well as international regimes such as Dodd Frank (US), ASIC (Australia), MAS (Singapore) and Canada. A reporting hub for EMIR, Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM) and Approved Publication Arrangement (APA) for MiFID II, we focus exclusively on addressing transaction reporting challenges.

All CME Regulatory Reporting solutions begin with a thorough evaluation of each client’s requirements by geographic jurisdiction, client classification and transaction type. Periodic audit of requirements ensures that the reporting solution not only meets current and impending compliance obligations, it also insulates clients from future regulatory change.

Additional benefits

  • Centralised reporting hub

    This brings together client data from multiple sources, validates it against all applicable reporting requirements and distributes relevant data to appropriate regulatory end points. It is built on and enhanced by knowledge gained from regulatory reporting implementation for a broad client base for MiFID, EMIR and other reporting regimes. All clients benefit from continual refinement of the reporting hub for assured compliance with evolving reporting regulation.

  • Automated transaction reporting workflow

    Automating transaction reporting workflows for MiFID/MiFIR and other regulatory regimes significantly reduces the risk of reporting errors, non-compliance and associated financial penalty.

  • Modular, flexible service platform

    A modular service platform offers clients a wide range of transaction reporting options from a standard interface with the CME Regulatory Reporting ARM to deliver messages to local regulators through to fully managed regulatory reporting services supported by bespoke client-side reporting GUIs.

  • Dedicated service delivery manager

    A key element of the CME Regulatory Reporting client experience is the hands-on support available to a client as new regulations and regimes go live. Clients benefit from a dedicated service delivery manager and direct access to our Compliance Bureau of subject matter experts and Support Desk of specialist technical and product staff.