Are you ASIC reporting compliant?

CME Regulatory Reporting provide customised solutions that ensure clients meet their Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) reporting requirements without having to dedicate too much time, effort and resource, allowing them to focus on the core business. The solution combines guided onboarding, specialist consultancy and support, agile technology and regulatory end-point connectivity.

Who must report?

  • An Australian entity (including a corporation, partnership, managed investment scheme or trust) that is incorporated or formed in this jurisdiction)
  • A foreign subsidiary of an Australian entity where that Australian entity is an Australian ADI or AFS licensee
  • A Foreign ADI that has a branch located in this jurisdiction
  • A foreign company that is required to be registered under Division 2 of Part 5B.2 of the Act

What must be reported?

  • Commodity derivatives (other than electricity derivatives)

  • Credit derivatives

  • Equity derivatives

  • Foreign exchange derivatives

  • Interest rate derivatives

Other Key Facts

  • A reporting entity other than an Australian entity or a reporting entity acting in its capacity as responsible entity or trustee of an Australian entity may report to a TR licenced by ASIC or a TR prescribed by regulation. i.e. EMIR repository recognised by ASIC

  • Double-sided reporting is required

  • Reporting deadline = T+1

  • ASIC have indicated that foreign privacy issues and confidentiality restrictions may be addressed through the grant of exemptions

CME Regulatory Reporting solution

Controlled from a single, secure and intuitive user interface, clients send their ASIC reportable transaction data, to the CME Regulatory Reporting Hub in multiple formats and from multiple sources, for data normalisation, enrichment, determination, reconciliation and validation. It is then delivered to the CME Australian Trade Repository or the DTCC Trade Repository, both licensed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

Agile Hub technology enables seamless processing of high data volumes, flexible cross-regime and cross-asset class reporting, making it the ultimate end-to-end reporting solution for all regimes.

ASIC reporting

The CME Regulatory Reporting enhanced workflow technology supports delegated reporting under ASIC.

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